24 November 2013

The Blue Iceberg and H2O Emergencias



As a part of the "H2O Emergencias" workshop,
I was working on The Blue Iceberg project together with
Alba Escayo and Tze Toh.  Our project was inspired by the GLACKMA 
proyect and the blue glacier colour.

 We were treating the water issues through painting
with coloured ice cubes.  Basicly we wanted to reduce
the intervention on the painting by hands to a minimum.
The idea was to leave the ice on the paper to melt and
create his own lines and ways.

The aim of The Blue Iceberg project is to continue the collaboration of the artists all around the world.  This first attempt resulted in a collaboration of Alba Escayo (Spain), Tze Toh (Singapore) and Ana Zdravković (Serbia).  The result consists of 3 paintings on paper and a video of the performance - the ice melting.

Alba Escayo, Ana Zdravković - Part of The Blue Iceberg project, 2013.

You can see The Blue Iceberg as well as the other projects that formed part of the H20 Emergencias at the web page of the Art|Sci Center  from California, SAD.

The video of the performance was made in collaboration with a composer Tze Toh, the award winning pianist, who helped us with his beautiful music. 

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